What Our Clients Say

Johnny knows a lot of people and organizations. He helped me strategize my business model so I could diversify my program offerings and maximize my earning potential. I really appreciated that.

Sharon Hardiman of Excel Wellness with SSHerese

Our organization has been thoroughly pleased with the CPR Training that Johnny provides on a monthly  basis! Johnny makes the trainings fun, engaging and a wonderful experience for the participants.  The evaluations consistently state the satisfaction they have with the instruction they receive from Mr. Winston and we always hear that it was the best CPR class they have taken!

Marlo Mielke-Barnes

Johnny and I recently partnered on the hiring of a new Executive Director at the Vera Court and Bridge, Lake Point, and Waunona Neighborhood Centers. Johnny managed community outreach, I managed administration, and together, we worked with the Board.  Our strategies generated a highly talented and diverse pool of candidates for consideration.  We established a strong rapport with the Board and kept them informed and united, which resulted in a successful hire, quickly. With this approach, we saved the organization money in the short- and long-term.  I really enjoyed working with Johnny and hope to continue our partnership on other projects important to our community.

Jessica Tormey of Wisconsin Idea Group, LLC

I am Johnny Winston’s Personal Trainer. I can attest to Johnny’s hardwork, dedication and commitment in the gym. You can’t go wrong working with him!

Robert Burmah of BFitness Be You Burmah Fitness